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Renovation Management

What constitutes true "curb appeal"? Curb appeal is more than the attractiveness of the exterior of a commercial property. It is more than the initial impression of a potential tenant or future buyer. A property well taken care of embraces a tenant as they visit the center and search for a new place to call home. A place to bring their dreams to fruition or a place to simply expand their business operations. A center that is maintained to the highest level of service shows that the Owner values not only their asset but the future of their tenants as well.

LandQwest Property Management has taken part in many renovations over the years both on a smaller scale from a 3,200 square foot stand alone building to a 176,000 square foot industrial site. We are meticulous in the finished product we expect from our subcontractors to perform at their highest level of quality service. We have a detailed approach to our Scope of Works in how we lay a project out to ensure both quality craftsmanship but also an apples-to-apples approach when contractors bid on a job. A basic layout of our process is laid out below.

  • Conception of the Scope of Work(s) for services required by contractors for bidding
  • Detailed Renovation Budget for future variance reporting
  • Assist in the selection of contractors and obtain bids as required by the Property Owner(s)
  • Set up and review renovation timeline with Owner(s) and Tenant(s) to facilitate suitability to cause the least amount of disruption to Tenant(s). 
  • Obtain, verify, and record all Notice to Owners and obtain required lien releases
  • Oversee project from start to completion with on-going before and after photographs
  • Supervise and inspect all work after it has been completed.
  • Obtain Final Waivers of Lien prior to payment distribution.
  • Create a “Renovation Before & After Package” for the Owner(s) records.


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