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Lease Administration

Only an owner or investor can understand the significance and importance of accurate, timely lease administration and that it is the most critical aspect performed by a property management company on their behalf. Not only is LandQwest Property Management responsible for ensuring the accurate administration of all transactions to include base rent, common area expenses, real estate taxes, property insurance, and tenant improvement allowance reconciliations but we also recognize that the fundamentals of any effectively run company is in the details and the organizational level of its key assets. If the information in a lease administrator’s database is inaccurate, the risks are substantial which is why we have a highly skilled and organized staff to ensure that all leases under our management portfolio are effectively administered.

Responsibilities include:

  • Creation of a comprehensive lease abstract to ensure tenant maintains their lease obligations
  • Assessment of all leases, subleases, and amendments
  • Assistance with lease renewals and amendments
  • Assistance with collections and evictions
  • Ensure tenants act in accordance with Insurance requirements and HVAC service compliance


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