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Company Overview

What Makes us Different, Makes us Better

At LandQwest Property Management we do much more than just maintain and repair commercial buildings. We create value.

Our Goal

We strive on a daily basis to enhance the profit potential of every commercial asset in our extensive management portfolio. Our combined 70 plus years of expertise spans the commercial property spectrum from office building and retail centers to industrial sites, restaurants and medical/healthcare facilities. Whether you seek income or capital growth from your commercial property, LandQwest will identify a strategy to best meet your investment goals. Should your objectives or the market change, we will reevaluate your options and provide you with the finest in professional services to maximize your investments net value.

We Offer More

Our team is dedicated to success with their professional hands-on service. We realize there is more to management than changing light bulbs and collecting rents which is why LandQwest has assembled a team of seasoned property managers and accounting personnel who adhere to the highest industry standards. Our professionals work closely with owners and tenants to ensure that each property operates at maximum efficiency and economy. Because we treat each property as it if were our own, our clients know they can expect prompt, unparalleled service.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

One size does not fit all and since properties come in all sizes why shouldn't your management program reflect as much? At LandQwest we invite our clients to be choosy selecting only the items they want or need from our comprehensive menu or property management services. This customized approach allows us to meet the diverse requirements of each individual client without suggesting they pay for services they cannot use. Please visit our drop down menu under Our Services/Property Management for a general list of services we provide.


Our Services

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