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Cardinal Plaza

Tenants: Purpose Money, Revol, Winners Palace Skill Games, Famous Hair
(8,209 Square Feet)

In Fall of 2006 to Winter of 2007 – Complete exterior renovation of the shopping plaza and two interior tenant build-outs which included the following:

New roof and replacement of decking where appropriate; Complete replacement of gutters and downspouts; Addition of dormers on the roof; Painted entire exterior block and man doors; Trimmed and caulked the windows; On main face of building - replaced wood with metal trim; Sides of building – sealed block and installed a new E.I.F.S. façade; Added a brick façade on lower portion of building which wrapped around the sides and also columns; Replaced all exterior light fixtures; Crack-filled and sealed parking lot; Installed a dumpster enclosure (housing one dumpster).

In 2007, completed two tenant build-outs, divided a 5,650 square foot space to accommodate two new tenants at 1,550 square feet and 4,100 square feet.



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